Why Should the Boys Have All the Gruesome Fun?

Become A Girl Zombie and Wail and Moan at Everyone in a

Spine Chilling Manner

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Highschool Horror School Girl Adult OutfitBy wearing a Girl Zombie Costume you can frighten the living daylights out of your friends and family at Halloween or Christmas, maybe your Birthday Party or even as a New Year ‘treat’ – whenever you feel the urge!

Zombies are considered to be mindless, shambling, decaying corpses with a hunger for human flesh, with a particular liking for brains. Nice creatures to want to get to know then!

We have a ‘horrific’ selection of outfits here at Girl Zombie Costumes including Highschool Horror Adult Outfit, Corpse Bride and Zombie Prom Queen Costumes to name but a few.

Just feast your eyes below on the selection of ‘grizzly’ available outfits.

Coffin Bride Child CostumeCoffin Bride Child Costume

Available in Child Sizes: Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), Large (12-14).
All the lost souls are looking forward to the big day as the Zombie Groom arises from the cemetery tomb ready to wed his coffin bride.
The Coffin Bride Child Costume is a four-piece outfit which features a ruffled white dress with black lace-up coat with shredded bell-sleeves. There is also a black and white veil, as well as a black choker included with the outfit. To complete the eerie look add a pair of  Mary Jane (Black) Child Shoes, a Black Rose Bouquet, and to transform the face into that full on zombie appearance use the Dark and Dreary Family Makeup Kit.
Let the organ play a zombie version of the wedding march, the choir wails and moans and the zombie wedding begins!

Maya Remains Adult CostumeMaya Remains Adult Costume

Available in Adult Standard sizes: Small, Medium and Large
The Mayans were native Americans who were around for 3000 years from around 2000B.C. to 1500 A.D. They lived in a part of Mesoamerica but no one knows why they died.

Bring the Maya back to the ‘afterlife’ by wearing a ‘succulent’ Maya Remains costume. It features a shiny stretch knit dress with light up skeleton appliqué, glossy hooded cape with buckle closure, removable clear straps, and scythe.

To complete the outfit wear a pair of Bandit (Black) Adult Boots, brandish a Giant Medieval Scythe, and sport a Seductress (Brunette) Hairpiece.

Show everyone how sexy death can be!

Zombie Girl Child/Tween CostumeZombie Girl Child/Tween Costume

Available in Child and Tween Sizes: Medium (7-10) and Tween (12-14).
It’s time for ‘deady beddy’!

Frighten the life out of your friends and family when your child/tween creeps down the stairs and joins the party wearing this gruesome outfit.

The Zombie Girl Child/Tween Costume Includes a pink ‘blood stained’ pajama jumpsuit, matching pink booties and headless teddy bear.

To finish off this ‘undead’ costume add a pair of Ballet (Pink) Child Shoes, and a Gothic Rag Doll Wig Teen, and zombify the face with the Mummy/Ghoul Makeup Kit! Halloween parties will never be the same again.

Click Here for the Complete Range of Zombie Costumes

This video previews the Girl Zombie Costume Collection

About Zombies

Zombies have often been portrayed as slow moving however more recently in films such as 28 Days Later and the follow up, 28 Weeks Later, as well as the Dawn of the Dead version of the House of the Dead, also Zombieland and in the video gaming world we have titles such as Left 4 Dead versions 1 and 2, Dead Rising, Stubbs the Zombie and Plants vs Zombies where they move considerably faster with greater ‘fatal’ consequences.

Zombie out in a field – video

George A. Romero is the film maker who is essentially responsible for our modern conception of the Zombie with his Night of the Living Dead made in 1968. This film involved the breeding of a zombie together with a vampire, the result being a ghoulish plague monster‘s hybrid vigour. This vision of monsters has been referred to as the ‘Romero Zombies